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The Mighty 6 Masonic District (P.H.A.)

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Silver Mount Lodge #261

The Mighty 6 Masonic District Prince Hall Affiliated, consists of 39 Lodges throughout 5 Counties in South Carolina, which include Chesterfield, Lancaster, Fairfield, Kershaw and Marlboro Counties. Our Great District is spearheaded, by Bro. Donald Prioleau, District Deputy Grand Master 33.

Our District Deputy


Kershaw County Prince Hall Day Photos 2008

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State Dep. Emeritus at Large- Bro. William J. Reid 33

State Dep. at Large- Bro. J. J. Johnson III  33


Special Deputies of the Six Masonic District.

Bro. Jimmy S. McMillan Sr. 33- Chesterfield County

Bro. Sidney R. Alexander  32- Lancaster County

Bro. Roy Southern  33 - Kershaw County

Bro. Gregory Scott  - Marlboro County

Bro. James Brown   32- Fairfield County



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Prince Hall


Masonry is a beautiful system, veiled in Allegory illustrated by signs and symbols. We are not a secret organization, we don't hide our Lodge halls, we don't hide our rings, we don't hide our emblems under our cars, we placed them on our cars, so everyone can see that we belong to the Greatest Fraternity in the World. Their has never been one built on a better foundation, to serve a better purpose, than this Great Timed Honored Instutition. While we engage to better our communities and to make a good man a better man, we must never forget whom we truly represented in that Lowly position!! While we have accomplish many  Great things, we must continue to work to take our communities back, and to also save our children!! While the work may get frustrating at times, we must remember, that when our weary feet has come to end, and the brittle thread of life is cut from us, when we stick our swords in the Golden sands of time, we will hear those long awaited words " Well done!, Well done thy good and faithful servant , thy has been faithful of a few things, come on up a little higher, and I will make you ruler over many!!


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